Femke Struiksma

Dharma Writer

Dharma writer, speaker and activist with 15+ years of experience in the financial industry. I offer mindful development, activism and leadership from a secular Buddhist perspective.


I offer personal experiences, meditations and social commentary about life in the world from a secular Buddhist perspective. Why? Think of it as an invitation to view your experience with fresh eyes, an opportunity to entertain ideas and ethical dilemma's with joyful curiosity. Judging by the tone of today’s social and political discourse, we seem to have lost our ability to do just that. That is unfortunate, because our fast paced life styles, high pressured work environment and the tedious white noise of sensation driven media prevent us from having real conversations about things that matter: we struggle to be effective advocates for ourselves and our beliefs.

I became interested in the ethics and philosophy Buddhism in my early thirties. How? By accident, really. I was a successful attorney and board executive, in search of answers to life’s great questions. What is my purpose? Why is the world such a mess? How many times do I have tell you?! I signed up for an insight meditation course, added some (ok, a lot) of yoga and spent the next decade studying and practicing the Dharma, the collective teachings on how to train your mind for the benefit of others. Riveting stuff! These teachings offer profound insight into human nature and personal and social change. They have been tried, tested and refined over the course of 3.000 years and are as relevant today as ever.

As a writer, speaker and activist, I use these practices to boost my ability to do my part. Bottom line: life – much like the world - is mostly a coincidental mess that isn’t going to fix itself. It is up to each of us to help transcend the mental and social constructs that hold us back and strive for something better, for all of us. Not because there is some form of reward attached, but simply because it is the right thing to do. This is the essence of Dharma, the idea of spiritual practice as a driver for human advancement.

Personal development in pursuit of this ideal is the highest form of devotion. Interested? Check out Dharma Writer for a sample of my work. Take a walk with me, there is much to discuss.


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